In 2013 a man named J Black walked into my shop with his friend Chad. He and Chad designed iPak and wanted to create some stickers. As soon as I seen the design, I knew that they were onto something BIG. We immediately went into print. As time progressed we got to know one another realizing that we had much in common. Especially for the Right to Bear Arms.

At some point J Black got in contact with J. Baker founder and owner of CFK Knives. They have since partnered up. Leaving iPak. to feign for itself.

After a brief discussion about how people need iPak. J Black gave me the okay on getting it out to the public.  This was a challenge for me.  I love the brand, but knew nothing about marketing it.  The first thing that we did was legalize it.  Taking the word iPak and adding survival to it.  iPak Survival is the official name.  It suits us better because we are not limited to just carrying a weapon of choice.  But also on how to survive if when in need to.

In the past, we have had the worst experiences with websites.  We have since figured it out. Moving forward, this is our first fully functional eCommerce website.  And we are excited to present iPak as a product.  We have held on to the images for approximately 3 years. Protecting its integrity, J Blacks passion,  and what it means to us as a whole.  We've been very selective about who will represent the iPak brand.  We are not concerned with who doesn't particularly agree with what we are doing. There are enough of us that do agree and will represent iPak with pride, honor, and integrity  

Now we are here to provide those who support the 2nd Amendment and the right to survive by all means necessary. If you want to know more about J Black visit his Facebook.